Micro-distillers In the News

The Atlantic has published a bit of a provocative piece written by Clay Risen on the art of micro-distilling, a made-up word for people running off small batches of alcohol in limited production settings. We used to call these types of people moonshiners, but that was back in the day when we still had a … Continued

Earn, Drink, and Be Merry

BBC has recently reported on the relationship between income and alcohol consumption as reported on in the Health Survey for England 2009. According to the survey results there is a positive correlation between income and alcohol consumption with 29% of men and 17% of women in the highest income category consuming alcohol five or more … Continued

The Rooster

Glam.com has posted a recipe in honor of the iconic character Rooster Cogburn, made famous by John Wayne in the 1969 classic western True Grit, a film recently remade by the Coen brothers and starring Jeff Bridges in the role of Rooster. We saw the new version a couple of days ago and were impressed … Continued

Jack Daniels is a Sexist Pig

Or maybe not. The boozy blogosphere in which bourbonhours.com staff steeps itself needs something to write about, and a recent ad campaign featuring the iconic Jack DanielsĀ  brand has provided the necessary fodder. A post on Jezebel referring to a Newsweek article about a Facebook video ad featuring women in the kitchen using Jack Daniels … Continued

Santa Off the Hook: The Bartender Did it

Well, that’s a big relief. Santa apparently did not hold up the East Rhode Island Yacht Club bar with a shotgun as previously claimed by the bartender on duty. Christal Johnson was the bartender who made the original 911 call to report the incident, but it turns out that she may be the guilty party … Continued

A Bourbonhours Christmas

Santa Claus is drunk Tom Waits Ho ho ho. It’s Christmas. Bloody hell. It has a way of sneaking up doesn’t it? One day your laying in the hammock, fanning yourself absent mindedly, doing your best to keep the mid-summer heat at bay while listening to Bob Marley sing Three Birds and sipping from a … Continued

All shot sizes are not equal

According to CBC news this morning, Canadian bars have been measuring and serving drinks with the American ounce shot glass rather than a Canadian ounce shot glass. The Canadian ounce is 93% of it’s southern neighbour, measuring 28ml to the american 30ml. Some brilliant mathematician had to ask why only 38 shots could be squeezed … Continued

Pig Picker Pucker Sauce

A friend asked me for my recipe for pulled pork, or at least, the sauce we add to ours after we pull it. We use one of Stephen Raichlen’s recipes from his Barbecue Bible: Sauces, Rubs, and Marinades, Bastes, Butters, and Glazes book. The sauce is dead easy and goes with pulled pork incredibly well. … Continued

Maker’s Mark Christmas Globe

I just installed a Maker’s Mark Christmas Christmas globe app on my android phone (HTC Desire). The picture shows a screenshot of the app in action. It has brought the joy of bourbon to my phone. I’m singing Hark the Hairy Angel’s sing as I write…. It’s also available for i-Blahs as well. source: http://www.androlib.com/