Jim Beam Jacked in Joondalup: Jeepers

A thief stole four bottles of Jim Beam from a Joondalup liquor outlet and attempted a getaway on foot. He was pursued by the store manager and confronted in a nearby parking lot. The manager was aided by a group of youths, who attempted to assist. The man in question dropped two of the bottles … Continued

Woman Suffers Housefire, Brain Tumour, and Theft of Jack Daniels

A 66 year old Blackpool woman had about the worst week you can imagine. First, her house caught fire and she was forced to move out pending repairs. Then she was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. The final insult came when thugs broke into her damaged home, stealing personal items and even helping themselves to … Continued


We’re adding Glen Campbell’s Jesus to the Bourbon Hours Gospel Hour playlist. This is just king-hell greatness manifesting itself as just another trailer-park hallelujah. It’s merely another incredible song on what I consider to be one of the best albums of the last…i dunno…bazillion years: Meet Glenn Campbell. The thing i like most about the … Continued

Eve Stole The Apple, Earns Bourbon Hours Fame

Avid bourbonhours readers, if they existed, would be applauding the fact that the once moribund Bourbonhours Gospel Hour is now receiving a little attention. Case in point: tonight we’re adding Abigail Washburn’s Eve Stole the Apple from Songs of the Travelling Daughter. It has an absolute ring of gospel conviction to it and it sounds … Continued

Jack Daniel’s Sweet as Honey

Jack Daniels is branching out to the sweeter side of whiskey by introducing Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey, complete with a honey bee on the label. I can’t see this appealing to the typical Jack Daniel’s drinker and that’s probably entirely the point: this is the kinder, gentler Jack, complete with softer labelling and that cutesy … Continued

Adding Minutes to the Bourbonhours Gospel Hour

Listening to Bill Frisell’s Nashville at the moment – loving it -and inspired to add May Jesus Wash the Bloodstains From Your Hands to the Bourbonhours Gospel Hour playlist. First, the list has been lacking, and it’s only laziness on our part that has contributed to that deficit. Our collection is chock-a-block with gospel-y music. … Continued

Maker’s Mark App

From the “what a waste of time category”, the marketing geniuses at Maker’s Mark have moved to become buzzword-compliant by hiring somebody to create an I-device game called Tap Tap Bar that you can edify yourself with while ignoring fellow human beings on public transit. The goal of the game is apparently to mix drinks … Continued

It’s the Only Way to Fly

This one is a bit obscure, but I found an unusual marketing practice buried in a business article about Southwest Airlines. Long known for its quirky marketing and “fun” image, the airline once put on a promotion that this website could get behind: they offered a free fifth of Wild Turkey bourbon to every passenger … Continued

Dr. John The Night Tripper

Nola.com has an absolutely fabulous article on the life and times of one Max Rebennack, aka Dr. John. The man is destined for a Rock and Roll Music Hall of Fame induction this year, one of only a few New Orleans based performers to get the prestigious nod. Others include Fats Domino, Dave Bartholomew, Allen … Continued

Two Shots For the Bourbon Playlist

It’s been awhile since we updated the Bourbon playlist, and it’s not for lack of inspiration, but more of perspiration. Tonight we do a small rectification of this situation by adding a couple of tunes to the growing bourbon playlist. First, from the Jerry Jeff Walker camp, it’s Up Against the Wall, Redneck Mother. I … Continued