Death List

I’m starting a new play list on the bourbonhours site which I’m calling my “Death List”. It’s a list of ten songs that I would play at my own funeral, should I have the privilege. Why ten? Ten is a good number. It’s about the number of fingers I have. Toes also. It’s about how long in inches my … wait a sec, let’s not exaggerate here. Ten requires a bit of discipline, a little bit of thought, and the ability to prioritize. Ten songs for a death list means you had to leave a lot of songs off, which means you put some thought into it. I’ll add  to this over time and show the edits as strike-through (a bit of a cheat, I know, as people will then have a longer play list to work from – I’ll have to think about this). Also, each song will have a post associated with it, which we’ll link to here.

Chinaski’s Death List:

  1. Mull of Kintyre – Paul McCartney and Wings (blog post)
  2. Don’t Carry It All – The Decemberists (blog post)
  3. Sit This One Out – Solomon Burke (blog post)
  4. Time Has Told Me – Nick Drake (blog post)
  5. 5000 Country Music Songs – Ry Cooder (blog post)
  6. Shredding the Document – John Hiatt (blog post)
  7. In the News, Kris Kristofferson (blog post)
  8. These Days, Glen Campbell (blog post)
  9. Weary Blues From Waiting, Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter (blog post)

3 responses to “Death List

  1. Hey, Pete….
    Interesting that you have a Death List…. I’ve had one for many years now.
    Included in mine are:
    Alan Parson’s Project: Old and Wise
    Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir: It is Well With My Soul
    Loreena McKennit: Dante’s Prayer
    Shaun Davey: The Parting Glass
    St Philip’s Boys Choir: Be Still My Soul
    Allison Kraus: I Lay My Burden Down
    and Last… but certainly not the least is
    Monty Python: Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (one that would cause plenty of “tisking” amongst the old folks….)

    Like your site.
    Cuzzin’ Susan

    1. Hey, sorry for the wait there, been away without internet connectivity (camping, oregon). Appreciate the fact that you are working on a list as well. I had a 10 song list at one time and am just rebuilding it. Cheers….

      1. And btw, I do love your list. The Parting Glass is one I’ve considered – it’s really a must add when I think of it. The Monty Python add is just genius.

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