Weary Blues From Waiting – Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter

Well, there’s a band that’s got the right handle for a death list – Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter. The song I’m adding tonight comes from a Wanda Jackson tribute album put out a few years ago by Bloodshot Records (I have got so much great music from this label over the years) entitled Hard Headed Woman.

I can’t find a youtube link for it at the moment but I’ll try and add a clip here at some point (or break all kinds of copyright law and stream  a copy until I get a cease and desist).

We don’t have a lot of history with Jesse Sykes and her sweet dead band, although we did see them live at the No Depression festival in Mary Moore Park in Seattle some year or two ago, so there’s that. This song spooled by tonight and I thought that even Hank Williams himself might consider this the best version of his own Weary Blues. I certainly do.

This one I dedicate to my children, Erin and Carly, whom I love.

Weary blues from waiting,
Lord, I’ve been waitin’ so long
These blues have got me cryin’
Oh, sweet daddy please come home

Hank Williams, Weary Blues From Waiting

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