Sweet Virginia – The Rolling Stones

This is the second Stones tune added to the Bourbon playlists. The first was Dead Flowers, which made the seminal Julep Sessions Volume I playlist. This one is from the only Stones album that I have in my collection, Exile On Mainstreet. I grew up with this band courtesy my older brothers, who passed the … Continued

Crazy Rhythm – Stan Getz and J.J. Johnson

Adding a few tunes to the Bourbon list tonight based on a fantastic random set spun out of the bourbon wheel. This piece is just thrilling jazz from Mssrs. Getz and Johnson. Dig this crazy rhythm cool people, while you dance a jigger in ice and bourbon….

Koko Taylor – Gonna Buy Me a Mule

Adding Koko Taylor to the Bourbon list tonight. Fantastic song. Swirling with character, smoky authenticity, and hilarious proto-feminist in-your-face blues lyrics, this is a winner even before the┬áprotagonist┬ádecides she’s gonna replace her useless man with a mule. Seriously folks, pour yourself a double and check this out…