Sweet Virginia – The Rolling Stones

This is the second Stones tune added to the Bourbon playlists. The first was Dead Flowers, which made the seminal Julep Sessions Volume I playlist. This one is from the only Stones album that I have in my collection, Exile On Mainstreet. I grew up with this band courtesy my older brothers, who passed the decade of the 70’s smoking cigarettes and listening to music – albums –  in our fake-wood paneled shag-rugged 70’s era-basement.  I was not really part of the basement club, being a bit young to smoke in public, but did get a good appreciation for the music of the era as it bust through the walls of our P.A. Saskatchewan home. The Stones were on frequent rotation during that era.

This is my favorite song from Exile – a lyrical swinging alcohol-laced bourbon-fist in the solar-whatsis…

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