Shredding The Document

Starting to fill out my Death List here. John Hiatt is for my money right near the top of a very exclusive collection of singer-songwriters, somewhere above Bruce Springsteen and somewhat below God. I love the sentiment in this one, Shredding the Document, and the relevance has only grown with the advent of the internet … Continued

5000 Country Music Songs

“I’ll have a Ry and Cooder”. Dan Jones It’s been true for a number of years now – since Chris picked up Chavez Ravine after hearing about it on a CBC Radio One spot – that Ry Cooder is at the top of my playlist. The very top mind you. Starting with Chavez, and onto … Continued

Time Has Told Me

OK, I came home late tonight after a summer-league hockey game and had some extra adrenalin kicking around. So I poured myself some Woodford Reserve and screened The Royal Tenenbaums, to singular enjoyment. I remember when I first saw this movie in the theatre. The suicide scene had an impact on me. “Baumer” doing himself … Continued

The Good Cookies

Okay, the good cookies. The original go-to recipe from way back before. Brought back here at the request of my brother Jim, who was an early champion of this recipe. Cheers bro! Ingredients: 1 cup butter 3/4 cup brown sugar 1/2 cup white sugar 2 eggs 2 cups rolled oats 1 tsp baking soda 1 … Continued

Sit This One Out – Solomon Burke

Adding this to my death list. It passed me by on the random playlist tonight and I thought, my god, that’s it right there. My personal philosophy is to keep 10 songs on the death list at all times, but keep it current. If something grabs me at a particular point in time it’s going … Continued

Getting the Death List Started

Here I’m adding song number one to the death list, Paul McCartney’s Mull of Kintyre, which has little to do with bourbon, less with death, and even less with anything I know personally in terms of actual experience (i.e. the actual land mass the song celebrates). It’s a vibe is all, and I do love … Continued

For Matt

We drove back from Saskatoon today – 18 hours of driving across Western Canada – the end run of our trip to my nephew’s funeral. Matt was 24 and died in a car accident, rolling his truck on the return home from work in northern Alberta. Needless to say the funeral was wrenching. For a … Continued

Death List

I’m starting a new play list on the bourbonhours site which I’m calling my “Death List”. It’s a list of ten songs that I would play at my own funeral, should I have the privilege. Why ten? Ten is a good number. It’s about the number of fingers I have. Toes also. It’s about how … Continued

Wall of Hillbilly Sound Takes Me South

Adding to the bourbon playlist. This song is simply spectacular: Northfield, by the Alabama Sacred Harp Singing Convention which we have in our collection thanks to the Appalachians disc that we picked up some years ago. It was the soundtrack of a PBS series by the same name. I don’t really know the music but … Continued

Bourbonhours Plays Blackjack With Townes

I’m adding Townes Van Zandt’s “Black Jack Mama” from In the Beginning to the Bourbonhours playlist. This is a genius riff on Bob Dylan’s genius riff “From a Buick 6” off of Highway 61 Revisited and it is truly wicked stuff.I think I prefer Townes’ version although they both stack up pretty nicely juxtaposed between … Continued