It’s the Only Way to Fly

This one is a bit obscure, but I found an unusual marketing practice buried in a business article about Southwest Airlines. Long known for its quirky marketing and “fun” image, the airline once put on a promotion that this website could get behind: they offered a free fifth of Wild Turkey bourbon to every passenger … Continued

Jack Daniels Doing Nicely, Thankyou

Brown-Forman Corp, sugar daddy to Jack Daniels and a bunch of other brands, has reported better than expected earnings in its most recent quarterly report. The company’s net income was $140.7 million ($.96/share), an increase from $107.9 million ($.73/ share) in the report from a year earlier. Analysts were expecting earnings in the range of … Continued

Bourbon Barrel Tax Revolt

From the “why not ask for more” department, it seems the Kentucky bourbon industry is lobbying for changes to the state tax law to alleviate some of the pain of the taxation scheme they currently operate under. In an industry-penned missive published as an op-ed on, the industry is claiming injury at the high … Continued

Early Times Gets Back to Bourbon

The Early Times brand is getting back to its roots with a new bottling they are calling Early Times 354. The brand, owned by Brown-Forman, got out of the bourbon game back in 1983 when they became a Kentucky Whisky (their spelling), allowing themselves more flexibility in the manufacturing process (to be classified a bourbon … Continued

Scotch Broth Losing Steam, Corn on the Menu

Looks like bourbon is taking scotch out behind the barn and giving it a bit of a thrashing in the British Isles. Sales figures published recently show that bourbon sales increased by 25% between 2005-2009, while scotch sales declined by 11% during the same period. It’s a bit earlier to start crowing however. Bourbon sales … Continued

Morgan Stanley Hired on as Golf Caddy

Bloomberg is reporting that Fortune Brands has hired Morgan Stanley to run the auction of its golfing business, as it moves to divest itself of non-strategic assets and focus its attention to something that warms our hearts: making booze. The golf unit includes the iconic Titleist golf balls brand, and is expected to fetch upwards … Continued

Micro-distillers In the News

The Atlantic has published a bit of a provocative piece written by Clay Risen on the art of micro-distilling, a made-up word for people running off small batches of alcohol in limited production settings. We used to call these types of people moonshiners, but that was back in the day when we still had a … Continued

Brown Forman Goes Hard, Ditching Wine

Brown Forman Corp is selling its wine business according to reports. The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday that the company is intending to divest itself of its wine interest to focus on their hard assets like Jack Daniels. We like the grape and the corn here at, but we expect we’ll be able … Continued

Brown-Forman Corp Beats Estimates, Raises Outlook

Brown-Forman Corp, parent to Jack Daniels and other spirits, released second quarter results on Thursday that topped analysts estimates. Strong international sales helped profit come in at $1.05 per share while analysts were expecting $1.00. The company also raised its guidance for the remainder of the year, reflecting increasing confidence in the company over the … Continued

Fortune Brands To Sell Non-liquor Assets

Fortune Brands, parent company to iconic brands like Jim Beam bourbon, Titleist golf, and Moen faucets, has decided to divest all non-liquor assets in an attempt to unlock shareholder value and tighten its corporate focus. What will remain at the end of the sell-off is a company that is chalk-full of what we like best: … Continued