Jack Daniel’s Sweet as Honey

Jack Daniels is branching out to the sweeter side of whiskey by introducing Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey, complete with a honey bee on the label. I can’t see this appealing to the typical Jack Daniel’s drinker and that’s probably entirely the point: this is the kinder, gentler Jack, complete with softer labelling and that cutesy … Continued

Early Times Gets Back to Bourbon

The Early Times brand is getting back to its roots with a new bottling they are calling Early Times 354. The brand, owned by Brown-Forman, got out of the bourbon game back in 1983 when they became a Kentucky Whisky (their spelling), allowing themselves more flexibility in the manufacturing process (to be classified a bourbon … Continued

Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve

Knob Creek is set to launch a new bourbon this February, the first new bottling since the original Knob was released some twenty years ago. The new bourbon, a single barrel offering, will come in at 120 proof, more than the 100 proof strength of the regular Knob Creek offering. You’ll get more knob when … Continued

Bring Me Some Figgy Pudding, With Bourbon!

Well, if you’re desperate for something called “figgy pudding” and you’re a bourbon fan as well, you can scratch both itches in one go by ordering the Gourmet Deluxe Pecan Puddding from figgypudding.com. The pudding is sprayed with a mixture of Praline Liquer and Wild Turkey 101 while it is still warm and then it … Continued

Woodford Reserve Maple Wood Finish

The Philadelphia Enquirer has a little write-up on the latest edition in the Woodford Reserve Master Collection, Maple Wood Finish. The writer describes the bourbon as “one of the most delicious whiskeys I’ve ever sipped”. At this point I’m going out on a limb and saying it’s one of the most delicious whiskeys I’ve never … Continued

Knob Creek Single Barrel

I see lots of chatter out there about an upcoming release of Knob Creek Single Barrel. This addition to the Knob Creek line will be aged 9 years, like the original, but will be bottled at 120 proof. The release date is apparently February 2011. When we get our hands on a bottle we’ll put … Continued

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon

Old Forester has released the 2010 edition of their Birthday Bourbon vintage. This series of bourbons is notable in that it is chosen by the Old Forester master distiller Chris Morris from a specific day’s production. This year’s edition was barrelled on October 24, 1997, and is bottled at 95 proof. We do enjoy the … Continued

Bill Samuel’s Tells It Like It Is

Bill Samuel’s Jr. is a no-nonsese kind of guy, apparently. Recently the Maker’s Mark CEO handed over the operational reins at Maker’s Mark to his son, Rob Samuel. As part of the transition, Bill sent out an email to the Maker’s Mark Ambassador’s Club, a group which I declined membership in solely on the Groucho … Continued

Woodford Reserve Releases New Bottling

The Drinks Business Review is reporting that Woodford Reserve has released a new bourbon in their “Master’s Collection” series, the Maple Wood Finish. This bottling was aged in specially made Sugar Maple barrels, crafted at Brown-Forman’s own cooperage. Other editions in this special release line of bourbons are Four Grain, Sonoma-Cutrer Finish, Sweet Mash and … Continued

Wild Turkey Looking for more Gobble Gobble in BC?

The Urban Diner is reporting that Wild Turkey is looking to increase its presence in the BC liquor market. The Wild Turkey brand is owned currently by Gruppo Campari, a fact which will please buffalogal, who does like to mix the occasional Negroni. Currently Wild Turkey offerings on sale in BC are the flagship 80 … Continued