Molly’s At the Market: A Free House

This photo was taken in 2003 outside Molly’s at the Market in the New Orleans’ French Quarter during the week before Christmas. Molly’s became a favorite stopping point for us during our visit to the Big Easy. We came to love their version of the Bloody Mary, a concoction we tagged as “the Bloody Molly” … Continued

English Woman Barred Falls Off Wagon

It’s always sad when someone loses control of themselves and their drinking over an extended period of time. Laura Hall, notoriously barred from every pub in England and Wales two years ago and the subject of an upcoming BBC documentary focusing on her rehabilitation, was recently fined £75 for being drunk and disorderly in public, … Continued

Bourbon Sidecar

The original sidecar was made with brandy, but try it with bourbon – you’ll like the results. Recipe: 2oz bourbon 1/2 – 1 oz Triple Sec / Cointreau (experiment with it) 1/2 oz fresh lemon juice Serve over ice in a high-ballish style glass and enjoy. Some people like to rim the glass with sugar. … Continued

Barrel Aged Cocktails

In the never-ending arms race to top the next guy (or gal), Chicago bartenders have turned to the novel idea of aging their cocktails in barrels to deepen the flavor and increase their revenue per glass. The Chicagoist is reporting that at least one local establishment, The Violet Hour, is aging their bourbon manhattans for … Continued

Drunks Will Say the Darndest Things

Overheard on an Everett WA police scanner: Caller believes she may have overdosed on alcohol. She drank half a bottle of bourbon every day for the last few days. source:

All shot sizes are not equal

According to CBC news this morning, Canadian bars have been measuring and serving drinks with the American ounce shot glass rather than a Canadian ounce shot glass. The Canadian ounce is 93% of it’s southern neighbour, measuring 28ml to the american 30ml. Some brilliant mathematician had to ask why only 38 shots could be squeezed … Continued

Wild Turkey Spotting

The Vancouver Sun has a piece on “winter drink” which advocates for strong, whiskey flavored cocktails to keep the season at bay. They feature the New Oxford in the story, a downtown Vancouver “public house” that’s looks like a great place to get lost in for a few hours…. Also highlighted is Wild Turkey, which … Continued

I Do Not Like Sweet Drinks

Funny little vid here… I tend to get to the point when I order: money ready, order ready, just get me my beer and shot and get me outta there. What about you? Do you like sweet?

When Meyer Gives You Lemons, Squeeze

The Vancouver Sun has a nice piece today on Meyer Lemons, the hybridized lemon- orange so beloved by bartenders everywhere for its sweeter juice and fragrant bouquet. It doesn’t have much to do with bourbon I’ll grant you, but it does involve mixing fine cocktails, which could include bourbon very easily, so I’m noting it … Continued

Bartender Blues: I Got the Bourbon Elbow Real Bad

Bartending has become a dangerous occupation it seems, and not just for the maudlin tales that you are forced to listen to. The NY Times had a story recently about the rise of repetitive strain injuries in the bartending profession. At higher end establishments bartenders are expected not only to mix drinks, but to put … Continued