Zefiro Torna Added to the Death List

Added the Monteverdi madrigal Zefiro Torna to my death list recently. This is a stunner of a tune, beautiful to listen to and with some great words if you’re so inclined to pay attention. The version I added is from Christina Pluhar’s recording Monteverdi: Teatro D’Amore, a very fine recording. Here is a translation of … Continued

Black Prairie

While it’s not new music, it’s new to the bar staff at the Bourbonhours, and we find it suits us right down to the bottom of the bottle. In particular, their 2012 effort A Tear in the Eye is a Wound in the Heart, which has been on fairly regular rotation here. One of our patrons … Continued

Crazy Rhythm – Stan Getz and J.J. Johnson

Adding a few tunes to the Bourbon list tonight based on a fantastic random set spun out of the bourbon wheel. This piece is just thrilling jazz from Mssrs. Getz and Johnson. Dig this crazy rhythm cool people, while you dance a jigger in ice and bourbon….

Koko Taylor – Gonna Buy Me a Mule

Adding Koko Taylor to the Bourbon list tonight. Fantastic song. Swirling with character, smoky authenticity, and hilarious proto-feminist in-your-face blues lyrics, this is a winner even before the protagonist decides she’s gonna replace her useless man with a mule. Seriously folks, pour yourself a double and check this out…  

Hip Hug-Her

Adding this one to the bourbon list – crazy that it hasn’t yet appeared. Connection to bourbon? Well, for starters, the bourbon genre simply loves a good instrumental (and if you look at the various cd’s we’ve put together, this fact will be borne out). Not just any type of instrumental mind you, but something that … Continued

Avett Brothers – Live at the Orpheum

We took in the Avett Brothers last night at the fabulous Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver, part of the 2012 Vancouver Jazz Festival. What the hell the Avett Brothers have to do with  jazz I’ll never know, but that’s not a question i really need to consider. We have one Avett Bros album, the 2009 smash … Continued

Weary Blues From Waiting – Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter

Well, there’s a band that’s got the right handle for a death list – Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter. The song I’m adding tonight comes from a Wanda Jackson tribute album put out a few years ago by Bloodshot Records (I have got so much great music from this label over the years) entitled … Continued

These Days – Glen Campbell

I first heard about Glen Cambell’s album Meet Glen Campbell when listening to Peter Togni’s Weekend on CBC Radio 2. Togni introduced the song in such a complimentary way that I paid particular attention, and bought a digital copy of the album later that day. I was so proud in a way of this effort, … Continued

In The News

Another addition to my Death List, this time from Kris Kristofferson, In the News. This is a sad and angry anti-war song from one of the premiere songwriters of the last half of the twentieth century. I remember when I was a student at the University of Saskatchewan and taking a variety of courses, one … Continued

Shredding The Document

Starting to fill out my Death List here. John Hiatt is for my money right near the top of a very exclusive collection of singer-songwriters, somewhere above Bruce Springsteen and somewhat below God. I love the sentiment in this one, Shredding the Document, and the relevance has only grown with the advent of the internet … Continued