Jim Beam Jacked in Joondalup: Jeepers

A thief stole four bottles of Jim Beam from a Joondalup liquor outlet and attempted a getaway on foot. He was pursued by the store manager and confronted in a nearby parking lot. The manager was aided by a group of youths, who attempted to assist. The man in question dropped two of the bottles … Continued

Woman Suffers Housefire, Brain Tumour, and Theft of Jack Daniels

A 66 year old Blackpool woman had about the worst week you can imagine. First, her house caught fire and she was forced to move out pending repairs. Then she was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. The final insult came when thugs broke into her damaged home, stealing personal items and even helping themselves to … Continued

Maker’s Mark App

From the “what a waste of time category”, the marketing geniuses at Maker’s Mark have moved to become buzzword-compliant by hiring somebody to create an I-device game called Tap Tap Bar that you can edify yourself with while ignoring fellow human beings on public transit. The goal of the game is apparently to mix drinks … Continued

It’s the Only Way to Fly

This one is a bit obscure, but I found an unusual marketing practice buried in a business article about Southwest Airlines. Long known for its quirky marketing and “fun” image, the airline once put on a promotion that this website could get behind: they offered a free fifth of Wild Turkey bourbon to every passenger … Continued

Dr. John The Night Tripper

Nola.com has an absolutely fabulous article on the life and times of one Max Rebennack, aka Dr. John. The man is destined for a Rock and Roll Music Hall of Fame induction this year, one of only a few New Orleans based performers to get the prestigious nod. Others include Fats Domino, Dave Bartholomew, Allen … Continued

Jack Daniels Doing Nicely, Thankyou

Brown-Forman Corp, sugar daddy to Jack Daniels and a bunch of other brands, has reported better than expected earnings in its most recent quarterly report. The company’s net income was $140.7 million ($.96/share), an increase from $107.9 million ($.73/ share) in the report from a year earlier. Analysts were expecting earnings in the range of … Continued

Bourbon Barrel Tax Revolt

From the “why not ask for more” department, it seems the Kentucky bourbon industry is lobbying for changes to the state tax law to alleviate some of the pain of the taxation scheme they currently operate under. In an industry-penned missive published as an op-ed on Kentucky.com, the industry is claiming injury at the high … Continued

Cooking With Bourbon

Bourbon is more than a quaff in our house: it’s also a spice, the backstop of a sauce, and the flavor you try to guess in a dessert. In other words, we cook with the stuff. Often. We’re not the only ones apparently. The University Press of Kentucky has recently published an award winning cookbook … Continued

Man Attempts Matricide For Southern Comfort

A Phoenix AZ man has been arrested and charged with second degree attempted murder after he allegedly tried to strangle and beat his mother with a chain necklace. The man in question is Robert Conley, a 31 years old resident of Apache Junction. According to reports he was drinking Southern Comfort in his mother’s Phoenix … Continued