Woman Suffers Housefire, Brain Tumour, and Theft of Jack Daniels

A 66 year old Blackpool woman had about the worst week you can imagine. First, her house caught fire and she was forced to move out pending repairs. Then she was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. The final insult came when thugs broke into her damaged home, stealing personal items and even helping themselves to … Continued


Fanicism (noun): Writing posted on the internet by wannabe critics reviewing stuff their poor, sad, limited souls deem “awesome”. Typically tagged by the reader as “don’t quit your day job”.

A Train Called America

Now I’m transcontinental 3000 miles from my home I’m on the California Zephyr Watching America roll by Jay Farrar – California Zephyr Tonight we’re sitting around listening to Jay Farrar and Ben Gibbard’s “One Fast Move Or I’m Gone”, the soundtrack to a documentary by the same name, celebrating Jack Kerouac’s life and writing while … Continued

Jack Daniels is a Sexist Pig

Or maybe not. The boozy blogosphere in which bourbonhours.com staff steeps itself needs something to write about, and a recent ad campaign featuring the iconic Jack DanielsĀ  brand has provided the necessary fodder. A post on Jezebel referring to a Newsweek article about a Facebook video ad featuring women in the kitchen using Jack Daniels … Continued

A Bourbonhours Christmas

Santa Claus is drunk Tom Waits Ho ho ho. It’s Christmas. Bloody hell. It has a way of sneaking up doesn’t it? One day your laying in the hammock, fanning yourself absent mindedly, doing your best to keep the mid-summer heat at bay while listening to Bob Marley sing Three Birds and sipping from a … Continued

The Word “Mixologist”

Okay, I’ve been looking at blog post after blog post and news item after news item that insist on using the word “mixologist” to describe a person who makes alcoholic drinks. Presumably while doing yoga and tweeting about Oprah. This is sad. I remember a time when a person who mixed drinks was called – … Continued

Sinatra and Bogart

Here’s a little factoid I didn’t know: Frank Sinatra adored Humphrey Bogart. At least, according to a source quoted in a piece in the Las Vegas Review Journal. There’s a lot I don’t know about Sinatra and there’s a bit I do know about Sinatra. Knowing more is probably good as he is one of … Continued

Bartenders Suffer Under Google

Google has been a recent topic of discussion at the bourbonhours.com table. With everyone and their dog sporting a web-connected phone google (and web-search in general) has become the arbiter of inebriational debate rather than more traditional modes like fisticuffs or having the bartender call it. Who starred in what movie or how many goals … Continued

Man Gets Hammered, Kicks in Window

A Cardigan native was brought before a magistrate and charged with criminal damage after he kicked in a charity shop window. John Michael Jones admitted to drinking seven cans of lager and ten Jack Daniels at a party before the incident occurred. The magistrate was unimpressed by Mr. Jones’ drinking prowess and levied various fines … Continued

11-11 – 7 minutes of listening

The best “war song” that I can think of is Eric Bogle’s And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda, a terrible and emotional rendering in words and music the experience of an Australian soldier at Gallipoli in WWI. When we think about war, and we should, let’s at least be honest about what we’re thinking about. … Continued