This term refers to a region beneath and alongside a stream bed, where there is mixing of shallow groundwater and surface water. The flow dynamics and behavior in this zone (hyporheic flow or underflow) is recognized to be important for surface water/ groundwater interactions, as well as fish spawning, among other processes. The assemblage of … Continued

The Heavy Bag

In my day men trudged to the gym to hit the heavy bag. Nowadays they skip there in tights and do yoga. Lord Boomaroom

Friday Night In East Van: A Bourbonhours definition

Well, the origin of the phrase is innocuous enough. We were sitting around one evening many years ago at my friend Don’s house, having cocktails and shooting a Friday night breeze. Someone made a reference to some obscure and horrendous sexual act, and Don piped up “that sounds like Friday night in East Van.” The … Continued

Publican, Pour Me A Shot

Heard this word while watching English tv last night: publican. The reference was to the owner of a bar, and sure enough, that’s one of the meanings of this word. I went into a public-‘ouse to get a pint o’ beer, The publican ‘e up an ‘sez, “We serve no red-coats here.” Rudyard Kipling, Tommy … Continued


Fanicism (noun): Writing posted on the internet by wannabe critics reviewing stuff their poor, sad, limited souls deem “awesome”. Typically tagged by the reader as “don’t quit your day job”.

Wild Turkey For The Great Gatsby

Here’s something I wasn’t aware of: F. Scott Fitzgerald is buried in Rockville Maryland. This fact came to my attention when trolling about the internets, as I am wont to do. The Rockville Patch has a nice piece on the burial site, along with a great photo of the writer’s tombstone, complete with two small … Continued

Drunks Will Say the Darndest Things

Overheard on an Everett WA police scanner: Caller believes she may have overdosed on alcohol. She drank half a bottle of bourbon every day for the last few days. source: http://www.heraldnet.com/


Leucism:  a general term for the phenotype resulting from defects in pigment cell differentiation. This results in either the entire surface (if all pigment cells fail to develop) or patches of body surface (if only a subset are defective) having a lack of cells capable of making pigment. Leucism can cause the reduction in all … Continued

Micro-distillers In the News

The Atlantic has published a bit of a provocative piece written by Clay Risen on the art of micro-distilling, a made-up word for people running off small batches of alcohol in limited production settings. We used to call these types of people moonshiners, but that was back in the day when we still had a … Continued

The Word “Mixologist”

Okay, I’ve been looking at blog post after blog post and news item after news item that insist on using the word “mixologist” to describe a person who makes alcoholic drinks. Presumably while doing yoga and tweeting about Oprah. This is sad. I remember a time when a person who mixed drinks was called – … Continued