Bartenders On the Front Line for Veterans

An interesting idea is being floated by the author of a study focusing on the mental health of American veterans. The idea is that bartenders could play a role in identifying veterans in need of care. Keith Anderson, a professor of social work at Ohio State University and the author of the study suggests that … Continued

Miracles Appear in the Strangest Of Places: Aussie Bartender Saves a Life

I love the title of this piece. It comes from Willie Nelson’s Yesterday’s Wine, and it is apropos to this piece coming out of Australia. Jenelle Splinter, a 37 year old nursing student and bartender recently used her nursing skills to resuscitate a heart-attack victim who collapsed at a Christmas event Splinter was working. Using … Continued

Santa Off the Hook: The Bartender Did it

Well, that’s a big relief. Santa apparently did not hold up the East Rhode Island Yacht Club bar with a shotgun as previously claimed by the bartender on duty. Christal Johnson was the bartender who made the original 911 call to report the incident, but it turns out that she may be the guilty party … Continued

The Word “Mixologist”

Okay, I’ve been looking at blog post after blog post and news item after news item that insist on using the word “mixologist” to describe a person who makes alcoholic drinks. Presumably while doing yoga and tweeting about Oprah. This is sad. I remember a time when a person who mixed drinks was called – … Continued

Santa Robs Yacht Club

No Santa walks into a bar carrying anything small, not in Rhode Island anyway. The Providence Journal is reporting on a naughty Santa who walked into the East Providence Yacht Club as the bartender was opening and held the place up with a shot-gun. The bartender managed to escape to safety while Santa got away … Continued

I Do Not Like Sweet Drinks

Funny little vid here… I tend to get to the point when I order: money ready, order ready, just get me my beer and shot and get me outta there. What about you? Do you like sweet?

Bartenders Suffer Under Google

Google has been a recent topic of discussion at the table. With everyone and their dog sporting a web-connected phone google (and web-search in general) has become the arbiter of inebriational debate rather than more traditional modes like fisticuffs or having the bartender call it. Who starred in what movie or how many goals … Continued

When Meyer Gives You Lemons, Squeeze

The Vancouver Sun has a nice piece today on Meyer Lemons, the hybridized lemon- orange so beloved by bartenders everywhere for its sweeter juice and fragrant bouquet. It doesn’t have much to do with bourbon I’ll grant you, but it does involve mixing fine cocktails, which could include bourbon very easily, so I’m noting it … Continued

Bartender Blues: I Got the Bourbon Elbow Real Bad

Bartending has become a dangerous occupation it seems, and not just for the maudlin tales that you are forced to listen to. The NY Times had a story recently about the rise of repetitive strain injuries in the bartending profession. At higher end establishments bartenders are expected not only to mix drinks, but to put … Continued