Hip Hug-Her

Adding this one to the bourbon list – crazy that it hasn’t yet appeared. Connection to bourbon? Well, for starters, the bourbon genre simply loves a good instrumental (and if you look at the various cd’s we’ve put together, this fact will be borne out). Not just any type of instrumental mind you, but something that … Continued

Wall of Hillbilly Sound Takes Me South

Adding to the bourbon playlist. This song is simply spectacular: Northfield, by the Alabama Sacred Harp Singing Convention which we have in our collection thanks to the Appalachians disc that we picked up some years ago. It was the soundtrack of a PBS series by the same name. I don’t really know the music but … Continued

Dylan Leblanc – Paupers Field

Spinning on the bourbonhours juke right now is Dylan Leblanc’s Paupers Field, the debut release from the 20 year old Shreveport Louisiana native. Initial reactions are very positive: the music is low and slow, the lyrics seem engaging, and the sound is sparse and mature beyond the artist’s meagre years. Listed influences include Towne’s Van … Continued

Bourbon Playlist: One For Geoff and one for Frisco

We have a couple of songs to add to the bourbon playlist and there is a bit of a story associated with one. Several years ago an acquaintance of mine who was a good friend to some good friends of mine had some issues with mental illness. He battled, and in the end succumbed to … Continued

Carolina Chocolate Drops Added to Bourbon Playlist

We’ve been listening to the Carolina Chocolate Drops Genuine Negro Jig a fair bit lately. Really digging the old-time jug-band feel and rootsy vibe of the band. Love the cover of Blu Cantrell’s Hit ‘Em Up Style. However, the song we’re adding to the bourbonhours playlist is Cornbread and Butterbeans, a traditional toe-tapping joyous piece … Continued

The Bourbon Playlist

The Bourbonhours Playlist is a list of songs that satisfy three simple criteria. To make the list, each song: 1) is an example of the bourbon genre, 2) has not appeared on any version of the Julep Sessions drinklist previously (note that the same song can appear, just not the same version of the song), … Continued

The Drinking Song from Hamlet

Don’t know much about this opera or the composer, but I just heard it on CBC Radio Two’s Shift with Tom Allen. The opera is by Ambroise Thomas. Here is some dude singing it on Youtube, and here is a link to the libretto with English translation. This piece is definitely in the running….