Santa Off the Hook: The Bartender Did it

Well, that’s a big relief. Santa apparently did not hold up the East Rhode Island Yacht Club bar with a shotgun as previously claimed by the bartender on duty. Christal Johnson was the bartender who made the original 911 call to report the incident, but it turns out that she may be the guilty party … Continued

A Bourbonhours Christmas

Santa Claus is drunk Tom Waits Ho ho ho. It’s Christmas. Bloody hell. It has a way of sneaking up doesn’t it? One day your laying in the hammock, fanning yourself absent mindedly, doing your best to keep the mid-summer heat at bay while listening to Bob Marley sing Three Birds and sipping from a … Continued

Maker’s Mark Christmas Globe

I just installed a Maker’s Mark Christmas Christmas globe app on my android phone (HTC Desire). The picture shows a screenshot of the app in action. It has brought the joy of bourbon to my phone. I’m singing Hark the Hairy Angel’s sing as I write…. It’s also available for i-Blahs as well. source:

Santa Robs Yacht Club

No Santa walks into a bar carrying anything small, not in Rhode Island anyway. The Providence Journal is reporting on a naughty Santa who walked into the East Providence Yacht Club as the bartender was opening and held the place up with a shot-gun. The bartender managed to escape to safety while Santa got away … Continued