Jim Beam Jacked in Joondalup: Jeepers

A thief stole four bottles of Jim Beam from a Joondalup liquor outlet and attempted a getaway on foot. He was pursued by the store manager and confronted in a nearby parking lot. The manager was aided by a group of youths, who attempted to assist. The man in question dropped two of the bottles … Continued

Man Attempts Matricide For Southern Comfort

A Phoenix AZ man has been arrested and charged with second degree attempted murder after he allegedly tried to strangle and beat his mother with a chain necklace. The man in question is Robert Conley, a 31 years old resident of Apache Junction. According to reports he was drinking Southern Comfort in his mother’s Phoenix … Continued

Texas Man Arrested With Jack Daniels

In other news, the sun rose and set. The story isn’t all that much but I did like the title from this Corpus Christi Texas report: “Loaded gun, bottle of Jack Daniels land underage man in hot water”. source: http://www.caller.com/

Man and Child On Outing, Stop to Steal Booze

From the “you can’t make this crap up” category, the Geelong Advertiser is reporting on a crime leaning to the bizarre side of the bar. The report says that a man in his mid thirties with what looked to be a six year old male child was seen leaving a liquor store with six cases … Continued

Jim Beams Shot: the Bartender Did It

Crystal Bowen-Davis, a Columbus Mississippi (cues jingle for spelling help) bartender is charged with aggravated assault after shooting James Ross Beams with a .45 caliber handgun during a bar-room scuffle at the Quarter Bar, where Ms Bowen-Davis was working on the night in question. According to reports, Ms. Bowen-Davis witnessed the victim and several others … Continued

It Wasn’t the 11 Shots of Jack Daniels, Honest

Anthony Guarino’s lawyer is arguing that the eleven shots of Jack Daniels his client drank prior to getting in his car and driving were not  to blame for the accident that claimed the life of 65 year old Marc Durham. Instead, the lawyer is floating the idea that a condition called “micro-sleep” induced temporary unconsciousness … Continued

Burglar Takes a Break For Jim Beam

Alexander Walker of Rockhampton (AU) appeared in court yesterday to face charges for breaking and entering at the Cambridge Hotel back in December. He pleaded guilty to the charges. Apparently, the 25 year old father of five was drunk on the night in question, and tried to break into the closed hotel by leaning on … Continued

Australian Woman Blows 378

Er…I meant to say she blows .378 after being pulled over under suspicion of driving under the influence. Police were surprised that she was able to stay conscious long enough to drive an automobile, given her reading of over eight times the legal limit. You wonder if she’s still conscious really, but the chances of … Continued

Rip Torn Guilty, No Jail Time

Rip Torn pleaded guilty this week to a number of charges relating to an incident that took place last January 21st in Salisbury Connecticut. The charges arose when Torn broke into a Litchfield Bancorp bank he mistook for his own home, carrying a loaded pistol in his pocket (he had no permit for the gun). … Continued

Yorkshire Teenager Gets Drunk, Commits Murder

Wayne Wardle, a 19 year old resident of Wellstone Garth, Bramley, Leeds was convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum incarceration of 20 years for stabbing Sean Rodgers, a 20 year old father of a three year old child. The stabbing occurred after Wardle had put away 10 pints of cider … Continued