Morgan Stanley Hired on as Golf Caddy

Bloomberg is reporting that Fortune Brands has hired Morgan Stanley to run the auction of its golfing business, as it moves to divest itself of non-strategic assets and focus its attention to something that warms our hearts: making booze. The golf unit includes the iconic Titleist golf balls brand, and is expected to fetch upwards … Continued

Fortune Brands To Sell Non-liquor Assets

Fortune Brands, parent company to iconic brands like Jim Beam bourbon, Titleist golf, and Moen faucets, has decided to divest all non-liquor assets in an attempt to unlock shareholder value and tighten its corporate focus. What will remain at the end of the sell-off is a company that is chalk-full of what we like best: … Continued

Beam Me Up Jim: Fortune Brands Under Pressure

The NY Post is reporting that Fortune Brands is consulting with investment bankers to help determine a  response to activist shareholder Bill Ackman’s demands that the conglomerate undergo a sale of its parts to unlock the underlying value of its holdings. Fortune Brands is the parent company of Jim Beam / Maker’s Mark in spirits, … Continued

Shakeup in the Spirit World? Fortune Brands Considers Its Options

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Fortune Brands may be warming to the possibility of a strategic breakup of the company. Fortune has three distinct businesses, one of which is Booze, which is why we care. They currently own the Jim Beam brand, Maker’s Mark, and Knob Creek, which is a holy trinity in … Continued

Profits Down at Fortune Brands

Fortune Brands (ticker symbol FO) released their third quarter report on Thursday and the results were somewhat disappointing to investors. Drinkers may be less concerned, but we at the are always interested when the father of Makers Mark appears on the verge of sneezing. The company essentially pointed the finger at the downturn in … Continued

Wax On Wax Off: Makers Mark announces new COO

AP is reporting a change in the executive suite at Makers Mark headquarters. Rob Samuels, age 36, will take over as the new COO (Chief Operating Officer) of the Makers Mark enterprise. Rob Samuels is the grandson of the iconic brand’s founder, Bill Samuels Sr., who founded the business in the 1950s, and the son … Continued