Woman Suffers Housefire, Brain Tumour, and Theft of Jack Daniels

A 66 year old Blackpool woman had about the worst week you can imagine. First, her house caught fire and she was forced to move out pending repairs. Then she was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. The final insult came when thugs broke into her damaged home, stealing personal items and even helping themselves to … Continued

Jack Daniel’s Sweet as Honey

Jack Daniels is branching out to the sweeter side of whiskey by introducing Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey, complete with a honey bee on the label. I can’t see this appealing to the typical Jack Daniel’s drinker and that’s probably entirely the point: this is the kinder, gentler Jack, complete with softer labelling and that cutesy … Continued

Jack Daniels Doing Nicely, Thankyou

Brown-Forman Corp, sugar daddy to Jack Daniels and a bunch of other brands, has reported better than expected earnings in its most recent quarterly report. The company’s net income was $140.7 million ($.96/share), an increase from $107.9 million ($.73/ share) in the report from a year earlier. Analysts were expecting earnings in the range of … Continued

Texas Man Arrested With Jack Daniels

In other news, the sun rose and set. The story isn’t all that much but I did like the title from this Corpus Christi Texas report: “Loaded gun, bottle of Jack Daniels land underage man in hot water”. source: http://www.caller.com/

Man and Child On Outing, Stop to Steal Booze

From the “you can’t make this crap up” category, the Geelong Advertiser is reporting on a crime leaning to the bizarre side of the bar. The report says that a man in his mid thirties with what looked to be a six year old male child was seen leaving a liquor store with six cases … Continued

It Wasn’t the 11 Shots of Jack Daniels, Honest

Anthony Guarino’s lawyer is arguing that the eleven shots of Jack Daniels his client drank prior to getting in his car and driving were notĀ  to blame for the accident that claimed the life of 65 year old Marc Durham. Instead, the lawyer is floating the idea that a condition called “micro-sleep” induced temporary unconsciousness … Continued

Cigareets and Whuskey: A Jack Daniels Caper

A couple of criminal geniuses got away with the goods during a late-nite crash-n-carry. Two men suspected in the break-in at a Poway CA convenience store evaded police in a high-speed chase. The robbers got away with cigarettes, Jack Daniels whiskey, and a couple of videos according to reports. Cigarettes, Jack Daniels, and videos. Did … Continued

Jack Daniels is a Sexist Pig

Or maybe not. The boozy blogosphere in which bourbonhours.com staff steeps itself needs something to write about, and a recent ad campaign featuring the iconic Jack DanielsĀ  brand has provided the necessary fodder. A post on Jezebel referring to a Newsweek article about a Facebook video ad featuring women in the kitchen using Jack Daniels … Continued

Brown Forman Goes Hard, Ditching Wine

Brown Forman Corp is selling its wine business according to reports. The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday that the company is intending to divest itself of its wine interest to focus on their hard assets like Jack Daniels. We like the grape and the corn here at bourbonhours.com, but we expect we’ll be able … Continued