Jim Beam Jacked in Joondalup: Jeepers

A thief stole four bottles of Jim Beam from a Joondalup liquor outlet and attempted a getaway on foot. He was pursued by the store manager and confronted in a nearby parking lot. The manager was aided by a group of youths, who attempted to assist. The man in question dropped two of the bottles … Continued

Man and Child On Outing, Stop to Steal Booze

From the “you can’t make this crap up” category, the Geelong Advertiser is reporting on a crime leaning to the bizarre side of the bar. The report says that a man in his mid thirties with what looked to be a six year old male child was seen leaving a liquor store with six cases … Continued

Jim Beams Shot: the Bartender Did It

Crystal Bowen-Davis, a Columbus Mississippi (cues jingle for spelling help) bartender is charged with aggravated assault after shooting James Ross Beams with a .45 caliber handgun during a bar-room scuffle at the Quarter Bar, where Ms Bowen-Davis was working on the night in question. According to reports, Ms. Bowen-Davis witnessed the victim and several others … Continued

Burglar Takes a Break For Jim Beam

Alexander Walker of Rockhampton (AU) appeared in court yesterday to face charges for breaking and entering at the Cambridge Hotel back in December. He pleaded guilty to the charges. Apparently, the 25 year old father of five was drunk on the night in question, and tried to break into the closed hotel by leaning on … Continued

Fortune Brands To Sell Non-liquor Assets

Fortune Brands, parent company to iconic brands like Jim Beam bourbon, Titleist golf, and Moen faucets, has decided to divest all non-liquor assets in an attempt to unlock shareholder value and tighten its corporate focus. What will remain at the end of the sell-off is a company that is chalk-full of what we like best: … Continued

Australian Drug Foundation Loses Fudge Over Jim Beam

The Australian Drug Foundation is upset with Jim Beam flavored fudge being sold to children. In the government guidelines it states that kids under the age of 18 shouldn’t drink alcohol and products like this only serve to normalise alcohol and potentially introduce kids to the idea of it and the taste of it at … Continued

Beam Me Up Jim: Fortune Brands Under Pressure

The NY Post is reporting that Fortune Brands is consulting with investment bankers to help determine a  response to activist shareholder Bill Ackman’s demands that the conglomerate undergo a sale of its parts to unlock the underlying value of its holdings. Fortune Brands is the parent company of Jim Beam / Maker’s Mark in spirits, … Continued

Shakeup in the Spirit World? Fortune Brands Considers Its Options

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Fortune Brands may be warming to the possibility of a strategic breakup of the company. Fortune has three distinct businesses, one of which is Booze, which is why we care. They currently own the Jim Beam brand, Maker’s Mark, and Knob Creek, which is a holy trinity in … Continued

What is with these awful Whiskey flash sites?

You know, it’s hard to find a good, old-fashioned, accessible html site anywhere on the whiskey trail. Every site you go to it’s the same thing: some slick flash-based whiskey-toned nightmare pops up insisting that you lie to them about your age prior to letting you in. I realize the latter is a legal requirement … Continued