I Get a Kick Out Of You

Adding Frank Sinatra’s version of the Cole Porter standard I Get a Kick Out of You to the Bourbon playlist. It spun up this morning while we were taking a break from Christmas music. The song appears on Songs for Young Lovers. Mere alcohol doesn’t thrill me at all but I get a kick out … Continued

Dead Flowers

The random gods spun up Townes Van Zandt singing Dead Flowers tonight. The original Stones version appeared on the Julep Sessions Vol. I. I remember that I printed copies of the lyrics and brought them to the inaugural bourbonhours.comĀ  Kentucky Derby party. At some point during the party I found myself drunk as hell in … Continued

Bill Monroe – Kentucky Waltz

Listened to Bill Monroe’s Kentucky Waltz this morning. In my fog, I can’t remember if we’ve actually had this version on any previous version of the Julep Sessions. I’m adding it to the current list of hopefuls just in case. Bill Monro, 16 Kentucky Gems, Kentucky Waltz

The Bourbon Playlist

The Bourbonhours Playlist is a list of songs that satisfy three simple criteria. To make the list, each song: 1) is an example of the bourbon genre, 2) has not appeared on any version of the Julep Sessions drinklist previously (note that the same song can appear, just not the same version of the song), … Continued

Julep Sessions Volume V

Although there was no lack of material, the Bourbonhours Radio Chorus ran out of steam in year five, so we took a break. A year later, in 2006, the 6th annual Kentucky Derby Party saw a new list of songs. No originals made this album, although many uncut songs were in the makings; rather, this … Continued

Julep Sessions Volume 4

2004 saw the 4th annual Kentucky Derby Party in full swing. It’s popularity had grown to legendary proportions and expectations. Mint Juleps were on ice, southern food was on the menu, and people filled the house and backyard. The ensuing song list was on replay, including the original Bourbonhours Radio Chorus recording, “Have a Drink”. … Continued

Julep Sessions Volume 3

When 2003 rolled around he popularity of the bourbon song list had risen to epic proportions, and included the turkey calls. Was it possible to celebrate the Kentucky Derby without a bourbon song list and an original creation? This year’s Bourbonhours Radio Chorus creation was “Goin’ To Kentucky”. The possibilities of the bourbon genre were … Continued

Julep Sessions Volume 2

In 2002, our bourbon celebrations became the 2nd annual Kentucky Derby Party. Bourbon was on the table and another Julep Sessions song list was formed, but this time the list included an original tune sung by the Bourbonhours Radio Chorus, “Perhaps the Saddest Song Ever”: I Dream of Jeannie Theme Song; Shuckin’ the Corn, Flatt … Continued

Julep Sessions Volume 1

In May 2001 we had our first Vancouver style Kentucky Derby Party. The Bourbonhours Radio Chorus put together a song list of bourbon genre music. It consisted of music that honed in on the subject of mint juleps, roses, horses, and music. Artistic talent was solicited from the local bourbon community, and lo and behold … Continued