Maker’s Mark App

From the “what a waste of time category”, the marketing geniuses at Maker’s Mark have moved to become buzzword-compliant by hiring somebody to create an I-device game called Tap Tap Bar that you can edify yourself with while ignoring fellow human beings on public transit. The goal of the game is apparently to mix drinks … Continued

Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve

Knob Creek is set to launch a new bourbon this February, the first new bottling since the original Knob was released some twenty years ago. The new bourbon, a single barrel offering, will come in at 120 proof, more than the 100 proof strength of the regular Knob Creek offering. You’ll get more knob when … Continued

Micro-distillers In the News

The Atlantic has published a bit of a provocative piece written by Clay Risen on the art of micro-distilling, a made-up word for people running off small batches of alcohol in limited production settings. We used to call these types of people moonshiners, but that was back in the day when we still had a … Continued

Maker’s Mark Christmas Globe

I just installed a Maker’s Mark Christmas Christmas globe app on my android phone (HTC Desire). The picture shows a screenshot of the app in action. It has brought the joy of bourbon to my phone. I’m singing Hark the Hairy Angel’s sing as I write…. It’s also available for i-Blahs as well. source:

Maker’s Mark For the Environment

The title of this item could be a toast that you give while raising a glass of Maker’s Mark, according to a piece in Mother Jones looking at the environmental impact of various alcohols. Rum and tequila are more polluting than whiskey, according to the article, and among whiskeys, Maker’s Mark is a standout as … Continued

Fortune Brands To Sell Non-liquor Assets

Fortune Brands, parent company to iconic brands like Jim Beam bourbon, Titleist golf, and Moen faucets, has decided to divest all non-liquor assets in an attempt to unlock shareholder value and tighten its corporate focus. What will remain at the end of the sell-off is a company that is chalk-full of what we like best: … Continued

Makers Mark Coupon

The Makers Mark online store is offering a time-sensitive coupon for any purchase at their online store. Details: Value: $10.00 Coupon Code: 1252010 Expires: Dec 5, 2010 source:

One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

I had dinner at the Ouisi Bistro in Vancouver this past Saturday and was excited to see their Saturday drink special is any special from the rest of the week except Wednesday. Further to this, the Friday special at the Ouisi is One Bourbon, One Scotch, and One Beer, all for 13.75. The special includes … Continued

Beam Me Up Jim: Fortune Brands Under Pressure

The NY Post is reporting that Fortune Brands is consulting with investment bankers to help determine a  response to activist shareholder Bill Ackman’s demands that the conglomerate undergo a sale of its parts to unlock the underlying value of its holdings. Fortune Brands is the parent company of Jim Beam / Maker’s Mark in spirits, … Continued