Time Has Told Me

OK, I came home late tonight after a summer-league hockey game and had some extra adrenalin kicking around. So I poured myself some Woodford Reserve and screened The Royal Tenenbaums, to singular enjoyment. I remember when I first saw this movie in the theatre. The suicide scene had an impact on me. “Baumer” doing himself … Continued

Woodford Reserve Maple Wood Finish

The Philadelphia Enquirer has a little write-up on the latest edition in the Woodford Reserve Master Collection, Maple Wood Finish. The writer describes the bourbon as “one of the most delicious whiskeys I’ve ever sipped”. At this point I’m going out on a limb and saying it’s one of the most delicious whiskeys I’ve never … Continued

Bourbon and Bee Pollen?

The Globe and Mail has published a recipe from the George Ultra Lounge in Vancouver. Created by Timothy Schofield, bartender at the George, this one strikes me as “don’t try this at home” kind of a cocktail, what with the bee pollen and all (it’s not everyday that I say to my wife, “honey, can … Continued

Woodford Reserve Releases New Bottling

The Drinks Business Review is reporting that Woodford Reserve has released a new bourbon in their “Master’s Collection” series, the Maple Wood Finish. This bottling was aged in specially made Sugar Maple barrels, crafted at Brown-Forman’s own cooperage. Other editions in this special release line of bourbons are Four Grain, Sonoma-Cutrer Finish, Sweet Mash and … Continued

2010 Whiskey Offerings

I saw a great article on seriouseats today that is worth linking to here. The write-up highlights new whiskey offerings for 2010 from Buffalo Trace, Knob Creek, and Woodford Reserve, all favorites at bourbonhours.com. The author highlights a bottling from Buffalo Trace’s Antique Collection William Larue Weller, a wheated bourbon: The sample I tried at … Continued